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How to catch Walleye How to catch Walleye.

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OOSEVELT LAKE: Washington’s first walleye lake remains an important one. The best walleye fishing is in the Spokane River arm, followed later in the year by the northern part of the reservoir near Northport and Hunters.

Roosevelt Lake’s walleye production is important to most of the other walleye fisheries in the state. To protect some of the large fish and to improve the quality of fishing, a seasonal closure has been established on the Spokane, SanPoil and Kettle River arms from April 1 through May 31. Fishing on the rest of Roosevelt Lake and the mainstem Columbia is open year-round. Be sure to check the regulations pamphlet to make sure this hasn’t changed.

Access to the Spokane arm is available at Porcupine Bay and Fort Spokane, approximately 20 and 24 miles north of Davenport, respectively. Access to the upper part is available at Hunters Park and Gifford.

BANKS LAKE: Located in an old glacial channel of the Columbia River, Banks Lake is producing fat, fast-growing walleyes. Access is available at a number of sites on the south and east shores, from Coulee City to Electric City.

RUFUS WOODS LAKE: Immediately below Grand Coulee Dam there is some fairly good walleye fishing. Biologists report that the fish are larger now than before the 18-inch minimum size limit. Access to this stretch is available off state route 155, three miles north of Elmer City. The only other access to this lake is on the lower section near Chief Joseph Dam.

LAKE PATEROS: Walleye productivity below Chief Joseph Dam has been low in recent years, but dedicated anglers may find the tailrace a sleeping giant during spring spawning runs. Access to the tailrace can be found in Bridgeport.

LAKE ENTIAT: The tailrace below Wells Dam has also been a slow producer in recent years, similar to Lake Pateros. Access is very limited, but a few knowledgeable anglers avidly fish this area.

ROCK ISLAND POOL: A limited walleye fishery exists in Rock Island Pool and in the tailrace below Rocky Reach Dam. Access to the reservoir and tailrace is available near Wenatchee.

WANAPUM POOL: Walleye fishing has improved recently in Wanapum Pool, from Vantage up to the tailrace below Rock Island Dam. Fair fishing occurs year-round, with peaks in November-December and February-March. Access is a problem, however. The closest boat ramp is at Crescent Bar, 14 miles below Rock Island Dam, with three others at the lower end of the reservoir near Vantage.

PRIEST RAPIDS LAKE: A small walleye fishery exists below Wanapum Dam, and a boat launch is conveniently located at the Wanapum Dam Tour Center. A limited fishery also exists below Priest Rapids Dam, but access is poor. There is a restricted-use boat launch at Vernita Bridge, and the next access is near White Bluffs. Boaters and bank anglers should watch for rapidly fluctuating river flows.

LAKE WALLULA (above McNary Dam) and HANFORD REACH: The only walleye fishery in this area is adjacent to the Hanford Reservation, for a few large fish. Boating the channels, however, can be treacherous.

LAKE UMATILLA (John Day Pool): Large walleyes are the target of anglers in this stretch. Best fishing is from Paterson Slough upstream to McNary Dam. The current 18+ pound state record walleye was caught in this area. Access is available near Plymouth Park.

LAKE CELILO (above The Dalles Dam): Biologists feel that there are a fair number of walleyes below John Day Dam, and this is a favorite spot for Washington and Oregon anglers. There is a boat launch just downstream of John Day Dam, and another near Maryhill.

BONNEVILLE POOL: This is another possibility for walleyes for Washington and Oregon anglers, particularly in the upper portion near The Dalles Dam, and in the Stevenson and Wind River areas. Access on the Washington side is available in Bingen, along Highway 14 at Drano Lake, at Waterfront Park near Carson and at Sailboard Park in Stevenson.

LOWER COLUMBIA RIVER: Walleyes are being caught in the Columbia River from Bonneville Dam almost to Ilwaco. The number of fish being caught is limited, but the fish are large. Numerous access sites exist along this stretch of the mighty Columbia, including: below Bonneville Dam, at Beacon Rock, in Camas, Vancouver, Kalama, on the Cowlitz near Kelso, and at Cathlamet. THANKS to the WDFW website for the info above on where to catch Walleye in Washington.

Hi Bob,
The other day I introduced you to a member of our walleye fishing family that you and I are in together who recently won a walleye tournament!
..and I wanted to make sure you got my email.
Anyway, he was like, "I never expected to WIN the thing."
But - he put a couple of Walleye Fishing Secrets tactics to work for him, and
He won the Walleye fishing tournament!
He wound up pulling in hundreds of walleye during the weekend of the Walleye fishing tournament.
It was a Big Fish Tournament and he ended up having the lead throughout the entire thing.
Here's the audio report with all the dirt on how he did this:
Take Care,
P.S. He goes in to *exactly* what he did to prepare for the tournament, and what he did once he hit the water.
He basically was doing the OPPOSITE of what most of the other tournament anglers were doing throughout the whole thing ...

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